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        1. Arts assignment 代写:未来主义宣言及其比较

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        3. Arts assignment 代写:未来主义宣言及其比较


          Arts assignment 代写:未来主义宣言及其比较

          Reviewing “The Futurist Manifesto” and the Comparison with  “Feminist Manifesto” through Understanding of Art Historical Developments
          Art is an abstract concept to be used in various visual channels to attract viewers. Artists are those innovators to always input their distinctive ideas to give lives to works to show values. The early art historical development should be dated back to the 19th century, and currently more people have emphasized on using professionals horizons to regard arts and put it in an academical level. Many people love arts, but not each of them will have talents. Artists are those people who are crazy, venture-focused and passionate to use diverse artistic approaches to show their own value to pursue personalities. 
          This paper firstly reviews “The Futurist Manifesto”. Secondly, it compares with “Feminist Manifesto” to indicate same and different artistic charms.
          It is essential to understand details during the art historical developments so as to find what have been made through the contents of “The Futurist Manifesto” to respond to the evolution. During the art historical development process, people can feel different characteristics about arts (Nelson & Shiff (Eds.), (2010). Due to the cultural diversity and special social features, the role of art and what people have been given through experience works of arts would be diverse. For example, during the realism from 1848-1900, the most outstanding characteristic has been displayed through celebrating working class and peasants; during the impressionism from 1865-1885, an behavioral art of capturing was popular to let people feel the great nature; till the fauvism and expressionism age from 1900-1935, artists prefer to use harsh colors and flat surfaces to build images of works to cause strong visual effects (Mainardi, 2011).
          ”The Futurist manifesto” has greatly illustrated strong ambitions of young people since they hoped to express their own thinkings during 1900-1935. It can feel that those futurists were brave pioneers to tell others how they have regarded the current world and how to live with more joys. Sommers (2012) said that futurist advocators were crazy, rebellious and they did not play by rules in the minds of conservatives. Those futurists were keen to use creative ideas to make responses when facing changes. They can be identified as bold artists to tell the whole world what could be possibilities to be realized in the future. Maybe they have lots of innovations and they hoped to be given firm confirmations. They used experiments to observe and to find better solutions to meet their expectations. In the statement of futurists that they were young and future would be unknown, differences would be those real and charming elements to let the whole world become more colorful to better integrate diverse cultural elements. 
          In conclusion, art historical development and artistic features have visual functions in various kinds of forms. Writing is one of an important approach to display concepts of artists to improve attractions of art works. Both two reading materials of “The Futurist Manifesto”and “Feminist Manifesto” have been mainly used to draft the whole essay.