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        1. 澳洲assignment代写:ACF203 Assessed Coursework

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        3. 澳洲:ACF203 Assessed Coursework

          ACF203 Assessed Coursework
          Obtain a copy of the latest available annual report and accounts of a London Stock
          Exchange (LSE) listed company of your choice. These accounts will comply with
          International Accounting Standards (IAS/IFRS).  A list of LSE listed top 350 companies
          (FTSE 350) is available on ICE, and LSE listed companies’ annual reports can be
          obtained online by going to the relevant company website and then going to the
          section usually marked ‘Corporate Responsibility’ or ‘Financials’ (typically under
          ‘Investors’ or ‘Investor Relations’ ). You should then be able to find the most recent
          ‘Report and Accounts’. These are best viewed in PDF format, as you can then use the
          ‘find’ command to search your way through the accounts.
          Please note: 
          (1) Make sure that your selected company prepares its financial statements in
          accordance with the requirements of IAS/IFRS.    
          (2) Do NOT select companies in the following industrial sectors: Banks, General
          Financial, Insurance (life & non‐life), equity Investment Instruments, and Media.   
          You are required to submit the name of the company you have selected and to
          get approval of your selection before commencing the assignment.
          (3) Do NOT use summary financial statements. 
          Using the annual report of the company you chose, along with any other relevant
          financial information available on the company’s website, industry statistics,
          financial information obtained from peer companies, and other market and
          company information, you are required to answer / evaluate the following:
          Part one 
          1. What are the company’s activities (e.g. history of the company, types of
          products/ services, business strategies, market position, etc.)?      
                                                                                                                                   8 marks
          2. A brief evaluation of the company’s performance of the following areas:    
            Profitability (e.g. ROA)                                                                      5 marks
            Operating efficiency (e.g. stock turnover)                                     5 marks
            Short‐term liquidity (e.g. current ratio)                                         5 marks
            Capital structure and solvency (e.g. gearing ratio)                      5 marks
            Investment (e.g. P/E ratio and EPS ratio)                                      5 marks
          Please note:  you must evaluate the company’s performance in each of the
          above areas by using the financial ratio(s) you choose. The financial
          information you need, to calculate relevant ratios for both current and
          previous year, should be available in the consolidated financial statements,
          and/or notes to the financial statements.  You are required not only to
          demonstrate the relevant ratios you calculated for two years, but more
          importantly, to discuss any changes in these ratios and possible reason(s)
          behind the changes. 

          澳洲assignment代写:ACF203 Assessed Coursework
          Part two
          (a) Explain and evaluate how the company has applied the key international
          accounting standards. 
          Please note: the key international accounting standards may include IAS 2,
          IAS 16, IAS 23, IAS 36, IAS 37, and IAS 38. You must choose TWO standards
          (out of these standards outlined above) to explain and evaluate. More
          specifically, based on the standards you have chosen, you are required to
           An explanation on the key accounting policies;                                 15 marks
           An assessment of the recognition, measurement, presentation and
          disclosure practices in the financial statements and in the notes to the
          financial statements.                                                                               27 marks
          (b) Based on the two standards you chose in part two (a), you are required to
          critically discuss the impacts of different accounting treatments on the
          financial ratio analyses conducted in part one (2) by using financial
          information provided in the annual report. 
          Please note:  you first need to explain how the financial ratios you calculated
          in part one (2) would be affected by different accounting treatments. Then,
          you should discuss the impacts of using different accounting treatments on
          your interpretation of these financial ratios.     
                                                                                                                                    25 marks
          Further details:
          1. This is an individual assignment of 2,500 – 3,000 words. You must include the
          word count at the end of your submitted assignment, and 5 marks will be
          deducted if the length of your assignment is above or below the stated range. 
          2. This assignment contributes 25% of the marks available for this module.
          3. Your assignment must be completed and submitted no later than 4:30 pm on
          12 th  December 2019. You must submit a hardcopy of your assignment to the
          coursework drop‐box in BS359, and upload a softcopy (a PDF or MS‐Word file) of
          your assignment onto ICE. Please do NOT submit the relevant annual reports.
          You should, however, provide a reference to your company’s website.  For
          example, if you downloaded ABC Ltd’s 2018 annual report on 15 th  October 2019,
          the reference should be provided as follow: 
          ABC Ltd. Annual Report. (2018). https://www. ABC.co.uk/investors/ reports/
          annualreport2018/Accessed 2019.10.15.
          4. You must use ‘Turnitin’, the academic plagiarism checker, to verify the originality
          of your assignment, and then, submit the ‘Turnitin’ report.  The similarity index
          /score should NOT be higher than 20% (excluding quotes and bibliography). 
          5. When referencing the financial reports, reference should be made to page
          6. Please note that the University’s rules and penalties on cheating, collusion and
          plagiarism apply to all assessed work.  

          澳洲assignment代写:ACF203 Assessed Coursework