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        1. HR Assignment代写:纽卡斯尔大学毕业生就业问题

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        3. HR Assignment代写:纽卡斯尔大学毕业生就业问题

          本文旨在解决澳大利亚纽卡斯尔大学(University of Newcastle,Australia)毕业后的就业问题,并在未来2-5年内在富尔顿霍根(Fulton Hogan)发展一条光明的人力资源管理职业道路。一般来说,大学生在如何走出一条好的职业道路,让自己实现真正的价值观方面,都会面临困境。但事实是,每个人都应该选择一种追求梦想的方式。目前,人力资源管理在21世纪越来越多地帮助雇主更好地管理多样化的劳动力(Wright,2008)。希望成为一名专业的人力资源管理从业者将是一个很好的选择。

          This PBL essay aims to solve an employment issue after the graduation from the University of Newcastle, Australia and to develop a bright HRM career path in Fulton Hogan within the future 2-5 years. Generally speaking, university students will face troubles in terms of how to develop a good career path to let them can realize their real values. But it is the real case that everyone should choose a way to pursue their dreams. Currently, HRM has become more and more in the 21st century to help employers to better manage the diverse workforce (Wright, 2008). The desire to develop as a professional HRM practitioner will be an excellent selection.
          During the following period of time of 2-5 years, if the author hope to developed quickly and to be promoted as the position of a HR officer, some advices will be given. 
          Firstly, it is essential to understand a clear HR career path that the author want to develop. Within a HR department, there are many different roles to handle different employee related works. This piece of work has designed a 2-5 career path which would started as a HR administrator, then to become a HR assistance maybe after 2-3 years, then when the author has engaged in this field for 5 years, if performance can be met the highly standard, the position of a HR officer would be achieved. So, it is the first thing to be clearly kept in the mind so that it will help to indicate which aspects need to be improved for the purpose of attaining the target. 
          Secondly, as a new comer, the author should make greater efforts and some certificates related to the HR field will be beneficial to improve the employability and marketability. When engaging in daily business transactions, it is important to be sensitive to contents within the HR field and the applied position. When facing unclear problems it is essential to ask helps from other colleagues to ensure errors will not be occurred. Through interactions with team members, it can also help to increase the relationship between each other to better integrate into the group. During leisure times, if the author hopes to be promoted quickly, it is quite essential to learn more and a good advice is to posses some useful HR practitioner related certificate to compete for more opportunities (Hansson, 2007). With the assistance of those processional skills, it can ensure to help the company design appropriate training programs to meet diverse needs of employees. Especially for those talents, better motivations can be worked out to delight, retain and develop the long-term relation with them. 
          Finally, it is essential to put benefits of the company ahead of individuals’ benefits. During the following 2-5 years, it can ensure experience would be accumulated to let the author become more professional and skillful. For example, good insights will help to generate fresh opinions to optimize the existing HR system to better utilize information to manage the diverse workforce across departments. When facing changes such as the company had to use cutoff to confront recession, suggested opinions will be feasible to avoid talents will be lost or defect to rivals. Moreover, innovations can always be conducted within HR policies to let employees obtain better treatments and encourage them be more engaged. In such scenario, the competence of the company can always be maintained. It can believe the future 2-5 years will let the author obtain more in the role to become stronger in the future. 

          HR Assignment代写:纽卡斯尔大学毕业生就业问题