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        1. Management assignment代写:个人管理技能分析

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        3. 本文从两个不同的角度对我的个人管理技能进行分析,通过对个人管理技能和群体管理技能的调查分析。本文使用了三组小组讨论数据和一组自我评价数据。通过比较三组的平均数据和自我评估数据,可以更好地了解我的管理技能。通过对数据的详细分析,可以找出我的不足之处。同时,结合我职业发展的需要,可以达到更好的职业规划。从分析中可以看出,我在管理压力、支持沟通方面的能力应该加强。我的创造力得分也很低,但要有创造力是非常重要的。因此,缺乏创造力是我的另一个亟待改善的问题。

          Management :个人管理技能分析

          Management assignment代写:个人管理技能分析

          This article analyze my personal management skills from two different angles through individual and group analysis of the survey for personal assessment of management skills. The article uses three sets of panel discussion data and a set of self assessment data. By comparing the three groups’ average data with self assessment data, a better understanding of my management skills will be obtained. With a detailed analysis of the data, my shortage could be found out. Also, combined with the need of the my career development, a better career planning can be reached. It can be told from the analysis that my ability on managing stress, communicating supportively should be strengthen. Also my score on creativity is quite low, yet to be creative is very important. Therefore, lack of creativity is another problem of mine that need to be improved urgently.  
          A very important part of the development of personal and professional ability is the development of the management ability. Management ability basically is the ability to improve the efficiency of the organization (Gomez-Mejia et al., 2008). Among the management factors that can influence the management behavior, managers are in a dominant position in the management activities. In the similar objective conditions, manager is the key element of determining whether the management is good or bad. The ability of the manager plays a decisive role in the realization of organizational goals and the improvement of the effectiveness of the management. Based on the analysis of the questionnaire data from myself and the three groups, this report aims to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the strength and weakness of my own management ability, and improve my management skills accordingly so as to achieve the goal of my career. (Brisbane recruitment managers of bank of China). The report firstly provide a comprehensive overview of why do we need management skills and the importance of management in the future, in terms of the development of personal and professional ability. Secondly, according to the analysis of the data obtained by questionnaire survey, the 10 aspects in the survey will be analyzed respectively combined with my management skills. Lastly, according to the result conducted by the analysis, also combined with my expectation of Brisbane recruitment manager of bank of China, strategy will be made to improve my management skills.
          With the rapid development of the economy, management capability accounts more in personal growth and development. And one of the most lacking resources in 21st century are management talents, i.e. those with self-transcendence, self-discipline, overall-viewpoint and ability of convincing the public (Wright and Noe, 1998). Managers should be able to make comprehensive, accurate and effective standard, sense the gap between current level of work efficiency and standard level and correct the derivations. Through the scoring of individuals and teams, we can know comprehensively the strengths and weaknesses and find out the right direction to work towards. Firstly, work hard and arm us with innovative concepts; secondly, have a good execution and develop the habit of thinking; last but not least, command the ability to cooperation and communication. Management capabilities cannot be formed overnight. On the contrary, time and perspiration are needed in order to learn and accumulate. Only with an enterprising mind can we become a talent in management.

          Management assignment代写:个人管理技能分析